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Seed Sale Online for Orchard and Garden. Ecologic seeds. Tables growing urban garden.

Online shop selling garden seeds and orchad. Urban Garden Growing Tables

Seed Sale Online for Orchard and Garden. Ecologic seeds. Tables growing urban garden. :: Online sale of seeds. Urban garden seeds, garden seeds. vegetable seeds. Purchase seeds. Plants seeds for your garden. Organic seeds. Urban Garden Growing Tables.


Online sale of seeds. Urban garden seeds, garden seeds. vegetable seeds. Purchase seeds. Plants seeds for your garden. Organic seeds. Urban Garden Growing Tables.
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Luffa Gourd Seeds
Luffa Gourd Seeds

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Red Habanero Pepper Seeds Caribean
Very hot pepper more than orange, red, result of 4/5 inches long and 2/3 width.

Very hot pepper more than orange, red, result of 4/5 inches long and 2/3 width....


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Orchard Seeds

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Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti

Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti
Ref. 158 - Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti. Pepper variety of yellow at maturity that bears fruit thick, square, with four lobes ending in four hooves. Thick, sweet flesh. Plant vigorous and very productive.

Type: Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Family: Solanaceae
germinates approximately in: 15 / 20 days
With a ground temperature of: 16°C.
transplanting: 0.03 gr. per m2. 1Ha = 0Kg.
150 Seeds per gram.
Number approximate of seeds in each envelope: 150.

Approximate weight: 1,00gr.
seedtime: January to May
harvest: from 5/6 Months

Price: 1,34€


Planting Calendar Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Method of cultivation Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti:

in seedlings, transplanting when the plant has 3-4 leaves

general Characteristics Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti:

Fruits of shapes (conical, square, binoculars, armored, round, etc..) And maturity colors (green, red, beige, white, lilac, etc..). There are sweet and spicy fruits (capsaicin)

Propiedades Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti:

Important energy intake, lots of water, fiber and almost no fat. Vitamins: C (far more than citrus) E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6. -Minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium

Specifications Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti:

Buy Pepper Seeds amarelo d'Asti

Sowing: From January to May in seed, early protected crops in greenhouses and the latter can be done outdoors. Transplant when the plants reach about 15 cms. tall.

Harvesting: From June in temperate zones extending until the first frost.

The pepper (Capsicum annuum) is an annual plant of the family Solanaceae. This is a summer crop, widespread in the Mediterranean area. It supports low temperatures. It produces a fruit with a variety of shapes (tapered, square glasses, heart-shaped, round, etc..) And colors to maturity (green, red, yellow, white, purple, etc..). There are sweet and spicy fruit (capsaicin). Can be used for fried, grilled and even as coloring once the fruits are dry. Very traditional culture.

General tips for growing peppers
Book plots healthy, deep, rich and encharcadizas, light texture or frank and drain well so that no health problems in the neck and root. It is also advised to leave uncultivated peppers several years in the same plot.
A plant that grows well in warm weather, so that is perfectly adapted to cultivation in greenhouses. Its optimum growth occurs between 16 and 25 ° C. Below 15 ° C the growth is affected and below 10 ° C growing. Above 35 ° C may have fall flowers.
Choosing the most suitable choice regarding the use we want: Grilling, salad, fry, fillings, sauces, condiments, etc..
The background must be paid and then paid rich dressing with nitrogen, potassium and microelements.
Planting is done mainly in seed trays, and direct seeding is sometimes used for industrial cultivars (2-3 kg / ha of seed). For this crop is very important disinfection and conducting cryptogamic treatments to avoid problems in the early stages.
The plantation frame ranges from 40-50 cm. between plants and 70-90 cm. between the lines.
Once showered and already rooted plants are aporca for irrigation (if a blanket) not dip the base of the stem, and cause disease.
Drip irrigation is well suited to avoid problems of waterlogging
The most important problem is the plant "pepper sadness" that according to certain external symptoms plague is different: Phytophthora capsici (mildew) Attack by sudden wilting and lines total, and with little defoliation. Verticillium dahliae (Verticillium) Attack stands, sometimes unilateral progressive wilting, defoliation and darkening accused of vascular bundles with slow progression in the plot. Finally is the root suffocation where the attack is stands, irregular defoliation, desiccation of the inside of the stem and rot of rootlets.
To encourage fruit set especially in greenhouses and tunnels aerate the most desirable growing albeit artificially decrease and increase nitrogen phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, Delete laundering greenhouses to provide more light and decrease the volume of water irrigation. With all this causes stress which promotes ripening, but return to normal growth when there is a reasonable charge, as there may be fall flowers.
Collect as fruits ripen.

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