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Seed Sale Online for Orchard and Garden. Ecologic seeds. Tables growing urban garden.

Online shop selling garden seeds and orchad. Urban Garden Growing Tables

Seed Sale Online for Orchard and Garden. Ecologic seeds. Tables growing urban garden. :: Online sale of seeds. Urban garden seeds, garden seeds. vegetable seeds. Purchase seeds. Plants seeds for your garden. Organic seeds. Urban Garden Growing Tables.


Online sale of seeds. Urban garden seeds, garden seeds. vegetable seeds. Purchase seeds. Plants seeds for your garden. Organic seeds. Urban Garden Growing Tables.
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Pepper Seeds Najerano
Pepper Seeds Najerano

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Cannelle Basil Seeds
Basil with the scent of cinnamon, native to Central America plant.

Basil with the scent of cinnamon, native to Central America plant....
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Orchard Seeds

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Marglobe Tomato Seeds

Marglobe Tomato Seeds
Ref. 185 - Marglobe Tomato Seeds. Kill high, high performance with fruits globose, fleshy thin skin and few seeds.

Type: Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Family: Solanaceae
germinates approximately in: 8 / 10 days
With a ground temperature of: 15°C.
Till: 0.15 gr. per m2. 1Ha = 2Kg.
transplanting: 0.03 gr. per m2. 1Ha = 0Kg.
350 Seeds per gram.
Number approximate of seeds in each envelope: 700.

Approximate weight: 2,00gr.
seedtime: from December to March

Price: 1,34€ 0,80€


Planting Calendar Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Method of cultivation Marglobe Tomato Seeds:

in seedlings, transplanting when the plant has 3-4 leaves

general Characteristics Marglobe Tomato Seeds:

Herbaceous perennial. The early varieties usually reach a length of 1.2 meters, the late, however, often are larger and reach 2.5 meters in length

Propiedades Marglobe Tomato Seeds:

Rich in vitamins C and A. Groups B, PP and K. Minerals: phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium and sodium. Bioflavonoids. High antioxidant properties

Specifications Marglobe Tomato Seeds:

Buy Marglobe Tomato Seeds


Method of cultivation: It is sown from December to March in warm bed and from April to June in seedlings outdoors. Transplanting the frame 70 x 40 cms. when the seedlings reach about 15 cms. tall. Removing the plant pruning lateral buds, leaving only the central stem.

Collection: At 5 months after planting.

The tomato is a herbaceous perennial grown as an annual, sensitive to cold. The early varieties (those that flower and fruit faster) usually reach a length of 1.2 m, the late, however, usually are larger and reach 2.5 m in length.
The fruit is a berry. In the wild species of tomato fruit is bilocular, whereas in cultivated varieties is bilocular or 30-locular, being the most common, of 5-9 locules. The fruit shape is variable, usually globose or oblong-depreso. Have many seeds, small, flattened, yellowish-gray, hairy, embedded in a gelatinous mass formed by the parenchymal tissue that fills the cavities of the mature fruit.

General tips for tomato growing
Prefers fertile soils, fresh muck, loose, permeable and deep.
It is a tropical plant, so vegeta well in Mediterranean climates almost without forcing the crop can be harvested throughout the year. The minimum temperature is 12 ° C and the optimum is centered between 18 and 20 º C.
Planting is done in seed trays with holes mainly or direct drilling, used almost exclusively when it comes to trailing tomato industry. The seedlings in trays are made in heated greenhouses.
The transplant is performed from the time that are not contemplated in the frost
If you are indeterminate varieties will proceed to trellising plants when they are 20-30 cm. tall.
The plantation frame ranges from 40-70 cm. and 60-120 cm between plants. between the lines. This will be a population between 20,000 to varieties vigorous market for nearly 40,000 varieties of vegetation compact industry.
Water immediately after transplantation, after the curdling 20-25 days when the first flowers and then approximately every 8-10 days. If a drip watering should be borne in mind that the greatest needs are water from fruit set.
This plant is well accepted abundant subscribers. Background will be made based NPK and Magnesium and during cultivation inputs of nitrogen and potassium.
Caring crop health carefully especially when environmental conditions are rather extreme for cultivation as high humidity, low or very high temperatures or after each pruning or harvesting taking place on the ground injured.
It is advisable to prune the plants and there are varieties is essential. With it is possible to increase the production, begin earlier, better quality and easier to perform treatments not having much foliage.
Depending on the destination of the fruit (salad market, mature market, corsages, "pa amb tomaquet" concentrated industry, peeled industry, tacos, etc.) And type of fruit (ribbed, round, pear, long life, etc..) Harvesting is done at one time or another.
The varieties are fully mechanized industry.

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